Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Binghamton Rocks!

It seems I kinda missed a few days here. (Recoup time) Just want to say-"Who says Binghamton is not cool?
For those of you who missed it,well,um,..you missed it.
We got WORLD CLASS Blues,rock and bluegrass musicians right here. (Gotta' mention the bagpipe band here.)
We need stuff! Send pictures! Tell us about your Blues on the Bridge adventure!
Tell us about the bands you liked. Tell us about what you did not like.
What could we do better next year?
We get a little bigger each year. It's all about baby steps. Taking care of the music and the event.
The picture posted below is a great picture of Pasty White and Doublewide.
Thats Andy Troshan, stage left,on bass. Stage Right,on guitar,-One of the best-Christian Sezenias. On Drums,John Seeley. Mr.Solid. Layin' it down.
The perfect band to warm up Billy Hector. More on him later....D.W.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mr.D's first post

Hi folks! Just to let you know,Blues on the Bridge is going to start an hour early.at 11:00 A..M. with "Electric Mudd". People have been coming early and "marking their turf"- So we thought we would give 'em some music so they could set their lawn chairs and what nots up.
No handicap parking, but bring your car up behind the stage and drop your people off, then park the car.-We'll have some guys their to help you.
We need content!- Pictures, stories, ideas to make this event better next year!
TRIVIA!- Who was the first band to play at Blues on the Bridge? (Hint...The gutiar player used to the bass player for the "Twilight City Blues Band")
Lets not forget the RAIN DATE. Sunday, September 14th.
Just so we all know now-BLUES ON THE BRIDGE- SEPT. 7th Starting at11:00a.m.